Briony Davies Personal Manifesto




Briony Davies has lived in Bridgend since 1978 and has one son. Briony works for the Diocese of Llandaff, Church in Wales in Coychurch

Always interested in politics, Briony was a member of Bridgend County Borough Council from 1999 to 2004 representing Brackla.

Briony has served for many years as a school governor and is a current councillor of Laleston Communtiy Council.

A message from Briony

My name is Briony Davies, I am your Welsh Liberal Democrat Assembly candidate. I beleive we need change now in Wales! We need real jobs with real salaries. Our Businesses need access to affordable loans. Education standards must be raised -  teachers want to teach not reach targets. In the Health Service, patients not targets come first. Our elderley, sick and vulnerable  must be treated with respect.

At Westminster, Lib Dem influence  has taken 50,000 low earners in Wales out of taxation, the link between pensions and earnings has been restored at last, a new tax on bank profits will deliver £2.5 billion - all Lib Dem priorities.

We deliver and with your help we can do so on Wales. Please vote wisely and use both votes for the Welsh Liberal Democrats. 

Yours sincerely

Briony Davies.



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